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Cyprus RSS Feeds

What is RSS ? The technology behind RSS allows you to subscribe to websites that have provided RSS feeds, these are typically sites that change or add content regularly like does.

(Really Simple Syndication)

By subscribing to our Cyprus news feed you will be able to receive the latest Cyprus property news and advice as we publish it.

Whenever you use our property search engine simply click the RSS button above the results to create a custom rss feed containing the latest results from your search at any time.

To use this technology you need to set up an RSS Reader service. Think of this service as your personal mailbox, accounts only take a few moments to set up and we have listed some of the most popular providers below.

RSS subscriptions at are completely free.

The RSS formats provide web content or summaries of web content together with links to the full versions of the content, and other meta-data. This information is delivered as an XML file called RSS feed, webfeed, RSS stream, or RSS channel. In addition to facilitating syndication, RSS allows a websites frequent readers to track updates on the site using a news aggregator.

How Do I Get An RSS Reader?

There is a range of different news readers available and new versions are appearing all the time.

Different news readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to take this into account when you make your choice.

Some Popular RSS Readers:


Newz Crawler [ ]
FeedDemon [ ]
Awasu [ ]

Mac OS X

Newsfire [ ]
NetNewsWire [ ]


Bloglines [ ]
My Yahoo! [ ]
NewsGator* [ ]

* Now available as a desktop newsreader used with Microsoft™ Outlook™

Would you like to publish our feeds on your website?

We encourage the use of our feeds as part of a website. Property Searches are amongst the most popular searches across the the internet.

When our feeds are integrated into a well formed website the additional dynamic content make a great source of quality content for your visitors.

All content remains the copyright of Cyprus Ideal and may not be used without prior permission, simply Contact Us with details of your website and we will be in touch normally the same day.

In most cases we will even supply the code neccesary to add to your pages to start publishing the content straight away.

Please note that Cyprus Ideal does not accept any liability for its feeds and reserve the right not to distibute its feeds either to individual recipients or completely.

If you have any technical queries or need help with any of our feeds
you may contact our web developer directly.